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How to Choose a Family-Friendly electric cargo bike

Dec. 05, 2022

Adopting an e-cargo bike as one of your family's primary modes of transportation, if not the primary one, can offer tremendous benefits: you can pack more fitness activities into your already busy life, save on the costs related to car ownership, and increase your and your family's exposure to nature and the elements, which is known to improve wellbeing.

A signature feature of a Beiji Family Cargo Bike — the front-facing bucket promotes family conversations, laughs, and interactions on the way to school or the market. Unlike other family bikes, and cars even, our riders don’t drag kids from one place to the next. Instead, they carry them forward, into the wind and onto another family adventure!

Beiji Family Bikes are built for families of all shapes and sizes. The versatile build makes each model an ideal cargo bike for dogs, small groups of friends, and the differently abled.

Using an e-cargo bike will also set a good example for your kids and others in the community about what it looks like to be an environmentally conscious family. So if you're looking to make the switch, here are some features you should consider.


6 Key Features:

1. Motor type and strength

Electric cargo bike are usually equipped with two types of motors: center mounted or hub mounted. The intermediate drive motor is integrated in the lower middle part of the cargo bike frame, usually between the pedals. The hub motor is integrated in one of the hubs. For freight electric bicycles, the hub motor is almost always located in the rear wheel hub.

2. Battery capacity

The traveling distance of electric cargo bike is different, and the size and capacity of on-board batteries determine this distance. Although the bigger the battery is, the better, there are several factors that affect the service life of the battery between charging, including the weight you carry and the driving speed.

3. Scope

The endurance of a cargo bike depends on the motor power and battery capacity. Generally speaking, the higher the motor power, the smaller the battery, and the smaller the range of your bike. However, you can affect the range of your bike in several ways. For example, by lowering the pedal assistance level of the motor and using more muscle strength, you can significantly increase the range of the electric cargo bike.

4. Storage capacity

As a family car, you will use an electric bicycle to transport children to and from school, pick up groceries, or bring equipment to participate in physical exercise. Therefore, you will want to avoid the speed of electric bicycles and consider greater storage and carrying capacity. Most electric bicycles that families should consider are freight electric bicycles.

5. Add ons

In many cases, freight electric bicycles are designed as alternative vehicles. This means that they are equipped with many functions, making them more suitable for the road than ordinary bicycles.

6. Availability

Unless you can make your own electric bicycle and replace the parts yourself, you need to accept it for maintenance at some time. This is where well-known bicycle manufacturers offer greater benefits than small boutique companies.


To supply our clients with more good quality and new cargo bike is Beijivehicle lifetime aim. We have a professional design team. We are investing a large amount of money every year to develop new products and technology. In addition, we are willing to do customized product designs for your own demand. Contact our team today to learn about our customized cargo bike solutions.