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Food bike

Why choose Food bikes? 

If you have something to offer to the street food market, we will gladly help you. We can create any bicycle food cart and food trike that you want, whether it’s a food cart with the bike for selling desserts, sandwiches, or some kind of national cuisine. With a food bike, you can stick to certain areas of your local place at different times a day, so it means you are always next to your possible customers. You can serve your food at different events, like weddings, sports events, or church gatherings on our food carts for sale. 

Food restaurants and cafes take ages to get started, with a food cart with the bike you start making money immediately after you finish all the legal arrangements. The food carts are perfect for your food vending business in the Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, Canada, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, etc.

Our food bike is also a great tool to use as a delivery tool! Pick up your food bike and use it as a dedicated restaurant delivery bike! Great for loading up your morning bread or heading to the farmers market. An excellent food delivery vehicle solution!

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How To Choose Your Street Food Truck?

Types of food bikes

1、Food bike

Frame + sink + refrigeration system + stainless steel basin + shed (with LED light tube on it)

2、Hot dog bike

Similar to the food bike, the differences are

(1) with a refrigeration system, with a 70L small refrigerator

(2) frying pan, you can sell hot dogs

Food bikes is a new design of food truck that is more environmentally friendly, also it is far cheaper and simpler to launch than a restaurant.

It is a good idea for starting a street small business. Food bikes have already been exported to the EU/USA helping many families start small businesses.No hesitate any more. Contact us!