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Cargo Bikes

Cargo Trike

Cargo bikes are also called Bakfiets or Cargo trikes, it can carry more groceries, and you can also use it to carry kids. This is a very environmentally friendly way to travel. As the best cargo bikes manufacturer and supplier, we have a variety of cargo bicycles for sale: Electric cargo bikes, Long John bikes. All cargo trikes are designed by experts and will definitely meet your needs.If you want to buy Bakfiets, please contact us.

Application of cargo trikes

1. Family Cargo Bike

Cargo trikes can put children, pets and objects in the front bucket. Beiji Tricycles' cargo trikes are specially made for families of all sizes and sizes. The multi-functional structure makes each model an ideal cargo bike suitable for dogs, small groups of friends and people of different abilities. Why Should I Choose an Cargo Bike for My Family?

2. Cargo electric bicycles

After adding electric assist, cargo trike becomes an electric cargo trike, which is very suitable for the last mile delivery service that cannot be transported by cars. Electric cargo trikes can be parked around the city, or you can leave your equipment unattended before unloading.

3. Cargo trike for short trips

Low stride design, easy-to-turn active frame, higher capacity battery and smooth door make cargo trikes easier for the elderly, children and relatives of different abilities to enjoy family adventures without being restricted by the weather.


• Side door access

• Pedal assist settings

• Waterproof and dustproof mat

• Artificial leather foam cushion

• Dust cover/wind and awning

• Fixed tables and storage boxes

• Comfortable seat suitable for young children

• Large cargo space

• Disc brakes

When you use cargo trikes outdoors, these accessories will significantly improve the comfort, practicality, durability and service life of the vehicle, and can save time to maintain and clean cargo trikes. The most important thing is that these accessories can make your cargo trike not restricted by the weather, and always keep the passengers comfortable and the cargo dry. And these accessories do not require you to pay extra.

Beiji Tricycles is a cargo trikes manufacturer and supplier, with unparalleled experience in the safety and comfort of cargo trikes. We have been designing, manufacturing and selling bicycles and tricycles.    

Cargo trikes are beautiful, simple and elegantly designed bicycles that are practical, durable and sustainable. Contact us for a quote!