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Ice Cream Bikes

Ice Cream Bikes

In the hot season, these stylishly designed ice cream bikes are just the tools you need to bring refreshing food to the city streets. Our electric bike ice cream cart exudes a charming summer atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable ice cream experience for suppliers and customers.

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What is ice cream bike?

Beiji Tricycles manufactures and sells ice cream bikes and electric ice cream bikes, which are ideal for holding cold meals. Ride and distribute ice cream trike at weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, company team building events or private parties!

As an ice cream bikes manufacturer and supplier, all our ice cream bikes are equipped with professional equipment to meet all customer needs, or send your customized needs to us, we will design and manufacture for you.

Features of ice cream carts

Safety and environmental protection

Equipped with a heavy-duty and powerful temperature-controlled freezer connected to the bicycle, and its brand-new solar panel function design is environmentally friendly.

Reinforced folding frame

The heavier frame and wheels have better stability and durability.

Self-contained cooling system

Using a dual-circuit system, our sustainable, environmentally friendly 240-liter refrigerator-freezer can run self-sufficiently for up to 10 hours.

Professional equipment

Add a spoon shower, cup dispenser or LED light bar to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions and always display your ice cream properly.

The best trikes parts

Our bicycles use the best components, such as a 500 W mid-mounted engine, Shimano transmission and dual brakes.

Custom packaging

We can print any graphics, artwork or logos you provide, this is a great way to display your logo and decorate your ice cream bike!

So our ice cream vendor bicycle is very suitable for farmers' markets, sports events, parks or any other places, perfect for selling frozen food, hot and cold food, flowers, bottled drinks and other mobile business!