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Long John Bike For Sale

What is a 2 wheel cargo bike?

A 2 wheel cargo bike is closer to a regular bike. The main difference is that there is a large and useful box between the front and rear wheels. The frame of the bike is stretched to accommodate the cargo carrier. Just like a regular bicycle, the 2 wheel cargo bike rider maintains balance by forwarding momentum. When parking the bike or loading a child, a stand is used to prevent the bike from tipping over. 

Bakfiet” is the Dutch word for a “Box Bike.”  In Denmark, it is called a “Long John Bike.” Long John bike price,it were developed in Denmark in the early 20th century.

Long John cargo bikes are like the flat-bed trucks of cargo bikes. A Long John-style cargo bike is a two-wheeled cargo bike, with the cargo area or an attached wooden basket sitting low to the ground between the steering tube and the front wheel.If you want to buy Long John bike, please contact us.



①The design also keeps cargo low to the ground which serves the dual purpose of increasing stability and preventing freight from blocking a rider’s view of the road.

They have remained popular in northern Europe, These cargo bikes are now becoming popular in the world. 

②Children sit at the front of the Long John bike, so you can always keep an eye on them. Not only is it safe, but it's also very cosy. In addition, a safety bar surrounds the seating area. The children sit in a straight line, facing you or with their backs towards you, or they can sit facing each other. This also makes Cargo Bike Long John bike suitable for older children.Go on an adventure while keeping your children in sight.Ideal for long distances, trips, narrow roads and holidays.

③Long John bike is better than a three wheeled car, and takes up less space.who prefer two-wheelers tend to seek more solitary adventures. The lighter weight of a two-wheeled cargo bike may also help it achieve higher speeds, which is ideal for many riders.


Motor: 36V250W、 Battery: 36V12.8Ah、 Controller: 36V、 Display:LCD、 Charger: 110~240V,50-60Hz 、 Tire: 20"(Front)/26"(Rear)

Brakesystem: Discbrake、 Derailleur: 7-speed、 FrameMaterial: aluminium 、 Maxload: 250Kg

Beiji Vehicle's cargo bike to match everyone's needs. Whether it's young families, dog-lovers, or the self-employed, Beiji Vehicle knows what moves you. Contact us for a quote!