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Long john bikes

long john bike

What is a long john bike?

Long john bike is a kind of cargo bicycle, also known as Bakfiets or Box Bikes. Due to the location of the cargo box, long john bicycle is sometimes nicknamed "front loader". The cargo box is located between the front axle and the rider. The frame and the steering system from the handlebar to the front fork. Long john cargo bike is any bicycle specifically designed to carry loads, whether it is small, large, heavy or light.

Why choose long john bikes?

Long john bicycle is a very convenient mode of transportation. The specific purpose of long john cargo bike is to transport loads that are difficult to carry by bicycle. Whether it is packages that need to be transported or groceries that need to be taken home, Long John bikes does the job. Effective way. The layout and design of long john bikes make it ideal for easily hauling large cargo, pets, even children and all children's essentials (including toys, blankets, lunches and folding chairs). The cargo box is lower from the ground and can be kept stable.


Ride a bike as flexible and freely, just like a normal bicycle

Easy braking

Up to four children can be carried in the box, extra benches are required

The children are securely secured in the box with straps

When you have children to bring, you can not only take them to school, but you can also buy more groceries. Long john bicycle allows the children to sit in front of you, you can talk more easily, and the best thing is that the children have a good view. Long john bike can really change your life. Welcome to contact us to buy long john cargo bike!