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Vending Bikes

The vending bike, also known as a bicycle vending cart or tricycle vending cart, is designed to create the perfect mobile store to sell your goods on the street by selling snacks, fruits, and other goods in the quickest, most convenient, and most aesthetically pleasing vending vehicle. Depending on your business needs, it can become a fruit bike, candy bike, vending bike, grocery bike, delivery bike, snack bar, beverages bike, catering bike, or anything you can imagine.


The steel bike frame makes it stronger and easier to ride. You can choose between a pedal version or an electric version. 

Suitable for outdoor and indoor locations. It can be used for any conceivable purpose.

Colors can be changed for easy riding. Customization is accepted.

As a professional vending tricycle manufacturer, Beiji Vehicle has a wide variety of vending bikes for sale. you can also contact us to customize the vending bike and it can help you carry out your business. Our vending tricycle is very popular in the world, such as UK, Philippines, Australia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, etc. Contact us for a quote!