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The Distance of the Dream is As Long As a Mobile Coffee Bike

Jul. 30, 2021

Everyone has a coffee dream. Drinking coffee is not only a beverage, but also a way of life. Whether it is shopping mall or street, depending on the mobility of coffee truck, it can provide services for people who like coffee anytime and anywhere. People have a car, and they sell coffee wherever they go, which has become a unique street coffee culture. Perfect mobile coffee shop with small space requirements and low investment cost, suitable for starting your own small business. The distance of the dream is as long as a mobile coffee bike.

Jxcycle provides basic tricycles for mobile coffee sales. According to different functions and needs, we have a variety of mobile coffee bikes for customers to choose. If you have special function requirements, we also provide 1 to 1 custom service. Jxcycle is not just about selling mobile coffee bikes, it's about the idea.

Each has drawers, awnings and plenty of storage space, while the equipment, such as a coffee maker and teapot, has to be installed according to the customer's needs. If you need to show your own brand advertising, etc.

 We can also make for you. You just provide the idea, we will do the rest!

The distance of the dream is as long as a mobile coffee bike