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Are cargo bikes hard to ride?

Jan. 14, 2023

Although very easy to ride, one of the main differences you will find with both types of cargo bikes is that they feel quite different than a regular bicycle. So give yourself time to adapt to them.Give you some tips, so you will master the trick! If you have not owned a cargo bike yet, but are interested in it, please check our products in the online store or check our website to find out which cargo bike is best for you.

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①When riding a 2 wheel cargo bike, look ahead of you and not at the front wheel.

Using the kickstand on a two-wheeler.

*Stand on the left side of the handlebar next to the cargo bike.

*Engage the brakes so that you can easily put your left foot on the top protruding part of the kickstand.

*Ensure both feet of the stand touch the ground.

*Turn the handlebar to the right so that it doesn't touch your belly when pulling it towards you

*Release the brakes and pull the handlebar towards you.

*Now cargo bike sits firmly on the stand, enabling children to get in and out.

To remove the two-wheeler from the kickstand, hold the handlebar with both hands and push the cargo bike forward so that the stand folds up. The kickstand will remain in this position while cycling.

 ②Taking corners on a 3 wheel cargo bike

*When taking a corner, turn the handlebar away from you and slightly lean your upper body into the curve.

*Take wide curves, the turning circle of a cargo bike is much larger than a standard bike.

*In order to keep control over the 3 wheel cargo bike, don't take corners too fast.

*When the road slopes slightly, lean your body towards the high side of the road.

*Try to look ahead as much as possible so you can plan your actions, such as taking a corner.

*In case of any bumps in the road, correct with your body.

*In very sharp turns, release the outer hand (Remember to keep this hand near the brakes, in case you need to brake immediately), so that you do not over-lean.

Are cargo bikes hard to ride?cid=8